PPC SERIES Providing Spiritual Care with Pediatric Patients

In this presentation we will discuss the role of the Chaplain in working with the interdisciplinary team as well as how we go about providing spiritual care to pediatric patients and other children in the family system. Additionally, we will discuss faith development by age and stage, as well as practical and creative ways to engage pediatrics in conversations around their own spirituality and emotions.

1. To better understand the role and function of the chaplain with the IDG team as well as how to best utilize the chaplain on your team.
2. To acquire practical tools and skills necessary in providing spiritual care with pediatric patients.
3. To become more aware of how to as well as comfortable in providing spiritual care to children.

About the presenter:
Rev. Travis C. Overbeck, M.Div.
Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care
Rev. Travis Overbeck earned his Bachelors in Religious studies from California State University, Long Beach in 2007, and then went on to earn his Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary in 2010. Travis is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. With over 15 years experience working with children, teens, and congregations in various ministerial settings, Travis currently serves as a hospice chaplain with Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care in Los Angeles. Most recently, Travis was invited to join the ChiPPS (NHPCO’s Children’s Project on Palliative/Hospice Services) committee to present at NHPCO’s annual interdisciplinary conference