PPC SERIES Concurrent Care: Pediatrics & Complex Care Plans

This webinar will serve to help participants gain an understanding and appreciate for the complexities of caring for children with life-limiting illness. We will explore the development of pediatric concurrent care in California, the regulatory requirements and how our organization meets the needs of this special population. Ultimately, we hope to impart an appreciation for pediatric hospice, concurrent care and the team(s) who care for this population.

Webinar participants will:
1. Gain an understanding and differentiate between pediatric concurrent care, hospice and waiver programs
2. Identify examples of current pediatric hospice and concurrent care patients
3. Explore how pediatric hospice/concurrent care differs from adult hospice programs

About the presenters:

Shayna Stiles
Executive Director
Providence TrinityCare
Shayna Stiles has been the Executive Director of Providence TrinityCare since 2017. Prior to this, she served as Director of Operations for Providence TrinityCare and as Manager for TrinityKids Care, a pediatric program of Providence TrinityCare. As a hands-on leader with an analytical, innovative, performance-driven with over 27 years of progressive experience in healthcare systems, Ms. Stiles is highly adept at identifying, recommending and implementing creative tools, policies and procedures to streamline medical operations and positively impact growth. Under her leadership, the program has seen the development and implementation of a state pediatric waiver program and grew the pediatric programs by 50%, and TrinityKids Care has evolved into the leading provider for pediatric hospice and palliative care in Los Angeles and Orange counties and the only hospice program in the area to be staffed by a dedicated pediatric interdisciplinary team. Excelling at collaborating with all levels of staff and support systems to motivate teams to accomplish strategic priorities and initiatives, she brings meaningful and measurable results in an ever changing health care environment.

Brandi O’Brien, NP
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Providence TrinityKids Care Hospice
Brandi O’Brien is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for Providence TrinityKids Care Hospice. She is board certified in pain management, oncology, hospice and palliative care, public health and as a Nurse Practitioner in both Acute Care Pediatrics and Adult/Gerontology. Ms. O’Brien is an active member on the research council of the National Board of American Society of Pain Management Nurses and a boad member of the local chapter. Her education includes a Master’s degree from the University of California, San Francisco and a Post master’s degree from California State University, Los Angeles. She has experience in teaching locally and nationally in pain management, palliative care and oncology. She has also developed standardized protocols including Opioid Induced Constipation, Sleep Hygiene implementation of a pain resource nurse steering committee. Her past nursing experience includes oncology, bone marrow transplant, pain management, hospice and palliative care and infusion care. This year, Ms. O’Brien will be working jointly with another pediatric palliative care provider on research regarding care coordination across the continuum. In her free time, she enjoys triathlons and traveling.